Tears for Boston

     I’m sitting in a doctor’s office with my husband and on the TV is all the news about the bombing and I’m fighting tears. I wish I had brought my headphones to block out all the chatter because I’m having trouble containing my sorrow, my anger.
     While I may not run a marathon in the near future, I have ran a few 5Ks and completed two triathlons. I’m just getting into running and was excited for the runners of the marathon yesterday. I was excited for the family members, many I’m sure who have traveled for the race. I was excited for the first time Boston Marathoners, as one has to qualify for the historic race.
     See, I could emphasize with the the runners and their families at the anticipation of running a race. The adrenaline, the rush one receives at the start, the pushing of your body when you’re tired, but determined to finish. The thrill of the cheers of not just your family members, but other race supports as your sprint towards the finish line, ecstatic for accomplishing your goal.
     That feeling, that joy and love, was robbed from so many people yesterday. I could only imagine the fear many runners felt, not knowing the status of family members who were waiting at the finish. I could only imagine the terror runners felt at not being able to reach the finish line. I can imagine it and my heart just breaks.
     I am also angry at the cowards who hid their politics behind secrecy and chose to hurt, maim, and kill innocent people who were in Boston to celebrate sport, to celebrate the amazing things the human body can do. Are those cowards so hateful, so full of self-loathing that they have to bring their destruction to people just living their lives?
      Why must these violent acts occur? What makes these folks who perpetuate these acts think it is okay to harm other people who have done absolutely nothing to you? I just don’t understand and I know I never will.
     But this I know, I am buoyed by the human spirit to preserver, buoyed by the many heroes, for they are nothing less, who ran into the chaos to help, buoyed by the Boston residents who helped out runners and buoyed by the way our country came together.
     I also know that I won’t let fear of a bombing prevent me from running any races anytime soon. I won’t let ignorance stop me. I will not let cowards win.

*Written around 8am this morning.