This first story is in honor of the start of the new school year!

The Best of Us

The old abandoned building stood cold and dark amidst the bright warmth of the sun. Dried white paint hung loosely from it’s weather-beaten walls, showing dark red brick hidden underneath. Dusty window panes appeared  brown, blocking out the light, instead of letting it in. A faded red cross stood out from the white noting the good this building once housed. The hospital yard was surrounded by a whole forest of burdock, nettles and wild hemp. It was a creepy place and we stood behind it’s once majestic, now cob-webbed full, gates.
“Do you really think it’s a good idea?” questioned Bryce, always the careful one.
“What? Are you scared now, scaredy-pants?” taunted Alex.
“No, I just think that…well..” Bryce drifted off as he took in the looks from our group.
I continued to look up at the gates trying to determine the best way to climb them. “We can do this,” I said. “We pull up here, get a foot in, climb and then jump over.” And to emphasize my point, I grabbed onto the old rusty steel and began to pull myself up.
“Michael, wait!” yelled Bryce stopping me. I turned towards him annoyed. “What?” I spat.
“I really don’t think it’s safe,” he said, his eyes meeting ours one by one, pleading.
“Of course it’s not. Where’s your spirit of adventure?” I threw back and resumed pulling myself up the gate.
I pulled myself until I reached a place where I could put my foot into one of the intricate curves that decorated the gate. Using the strength in my legs, I pushed myself to the top of the gate. I looked over into the hospital yard and it didn’t seem as creepy. More lonely. “Wow!” I yelled back to my friends and then looked down. The drop down now looked higher than I originally thought. Maybe Bryce was right. Maybe it wasn’t safe.
“Come on,” Alex yelled.
“Yeah, what’s the hold up,” Manny, the quiet one, finally spoke.
I turned to look at my friends. Alex and Manny were annoyed with my hesitation and anxious to climb the gate as well. Bryce, well, he was worried as always. I turned back, took a large gulp of air and swung one leg over the gate. Alex and Manny now began to cheer. I was scared, but I couldn’t let my friends down. I threw over my other leg and now hung from the top of the gate. I took another deep breath, closed my eyes and let go.
I heard nothing in the seconds I fell until a loud crack broke the silence. Seconds after than crack came a shooting pain up my left leg and then, then all sound fully returned as I screamed my head off.
I was on the ground facing one way and my left ankle facing another. I opened my eyes, full of tears, and looked at my friends. Alex and Manny were frozen with their mouths gaping open. Bryce was starting his own set of tears, but he caught himself and then ran off. I wasn’t upset as I knew that Bryce, the best of all of us, had gone to get help.