This is a drabble I wrote many, many moons ago when I participating in another writing experiment. This is also one of my favorites.

A Life Well Lived

Maya turned off the kitchen light carefully with her elbow as she balanced her tea in her right hand and her book in the other. She gracefully made her way to her reading chair in the warm sitting room where a nice fire was crackling in the stone fireplace. The only light on was the soft light of a tall stainless steel antique style lamp. It was located right next to a plush recliner chair that was known throughout the house as “Mom’s reading chair”. No one sat in this chair except Maya.

Maya placed her tea on the end table with her book and grabbed the soft chenille blanket that she would curl up in. A warm smile passed through her as she picked up the blanket, which had carelessly been discarded earlier. Her youngest had grabbed the blanket as she sat with her brothers on the couch. Maya then looked around her comfortable family room that earlier had been filled with much noise and laughter. All was quiet now and Maya was basking in a room that was still filled with familial love.

Her husband was asleep now from having outdone himself with cooking a scrumptious meal, well a BBQed turkey. Wherever he came up with that idea, Maya chuckled to herself, she’ll never know, but she loved watching him moving around the kitchen and the backyard with boyish enthusiasm. Both of her boys, grown now, returned home, the oldest with a lovely young lady. Maya instantly loved this young woman and hoped to see her at more family functions in the future. She giggled as she remembered her boys making a mess in the kitchen as for once, they helped clean up after dinner. And her youngest, her precious daughter, the one they tried so hard for. Off to college in the fall and Maya knew she would miss her dearly. Together they cooked and baked and diced and sliced the extra dishes of the holiday meal. The day had been busy but love and laughter reigned in the house.

As Maya slowly eased herself into her chair and pulled her blanket over her legs, she sighed and smiled at a life well lived.