The best laid plans of mice and men…I always think of that quote when I attempt to start something new at the wrong time when it eventually blows up in my face. See, I’m a bit of an overachiever and like to a bunch of challenging things at once and I always end up letting something go. You would think I’d learn by now, but oh well.

Anyhoo…I was planning on updating this blog at least once a week and it’s been three weeks since my last update. It wasn’t because of laziness, oh no, I’ve been busy. This past Friday, being the crazy, hard-working teacher I am, I decided to hold my own version of the Hunger Games. All 8th grade students participated and basically it was tantamount to arranging and running a very complex field trip. It took ALL of my time the past few weeks! In the end, it was extremely successful and the kids were really engaged. It brought the novel to life for them, they learned critical thinking skills, were creative, but basically had fun with literature. So, if my blog (and my MFA work) got a bit behind, it was all worth it. Literature was brought to life for my students (who are loving the series by the way) and the fact that my principal, dean, office admin and two other teachers now want to read the book because of my event. Anything that gets people reading is so worth the sacrifice.

A Vivenda will be coming soon as well. I have to turn in my MFA work first. Checking that off my list tonight!