So, I’m doing this tomorrow…

I just happened to come across it on Twitter and figured since I didn’t have anything planned for this weekend and I’ve been struggling to find time to read, might as well challenge myself. I don’t think I will do all 24 hours, but I’m going to see how long I can go for. I have my reading list all set to go, focusing on mostly YA novels. Two of the novels will be books my students shared with me (The Vampire Diaries & Eighth Grade Sucks), Amanda Hocking’s Switched Trilogy (I know it’s not the right name), Mockingjay (my students will start reading it in about a week so need to prep it) and then an MFA assignment. I think that should take most of my time, if not, I still have a pile of books that need attention. I’ll post here hourly (or so) on my reading status so follow along. The Read-a-thon starts bright and early at 5 am for me!

In other news, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know). I was undecided about doing it with the stress of work and being in an MFA program until last week when I was inspired by one of my students. I gave a creative writing assignment last week and a student asked “What if I write a novel?”. I told her to see me after class and then share NaNoWriMo with her. Her eyes lit up. I decided then and there to do it. Now I have a group of about 20 students (8th grade!) who are going to do it with me. I am so inspired by these kids and their enthusiasm. Not all will are trying to write the full novel but the fact that they want to challenge themselves is absolutely wonderful. We decided that the ultimate goal will be to put all of works together (or excepts of the novels at least) and publish a collective book in the spring. So, look for me pimping a book of work from my wonderful and awesome students!

Lastly, in case anyone is wondering about the Videnda series and the next update, it will be soon. I’ve been furiously working on revising my novel that I’m just burnt at the moment. The Read-a-thon is a chance for me to clear my brain, so look for an update on the series Sunday.