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So I’ve begun thinking about summer vacation and where I’d like to travel to this year. I think I need to visit Paris to research how accurate my description was in this story, don’t you think? Title courtesy my friend Rachael Warecki who knows a bit more French than I do. Enjoy.

La Petite Chambre

When she imagined  spending the summer in Paris, this extremely tiny room was not part of her fantasy. She couldn’t call it a room it was much too tiny. Almost reminiscent of Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. Okay, not that small, but very close.

The room was technically part of the alcove of an 18th century grand house. It’s only glory was the magnificent circular window. The landlord said the sunlight through the window brightened the room, but today it was raining so the effect was lost. The room was painted a soft baby blue in an attempt to lesson the blow of the such a tiny room, but again, the effect was lost.

An old brass bed with a slightly sunken in mattress stood in one corner. Next to it, a rickety stool passing itself off as a nightstand. In an attempt to modernize the room, the landlord had placed a hotel size alarm clock, which because of it’s size, ate the surface of the “nightstand.” Again, the effect was lost.

Across from the bed where a normal closet would go was instead a small department store clothing rack painted a variety of colors to make up for a lack of closet.
She sighed as she took a step in and palmed the light switch. The overhead light blinked on, then off, then struggled back on with a humming surge. She looked up. At least the light is somewhat fashionable and modern, when it works, she thought.

She took two more steps in, which brought her directly to the bed. The old bed springs squeaked with age when she dropped her bag on it. Sighing, she turned a full 360, taking in her incredibly small room that would be her summer home.

“This is not what I signed up for, “ she said aloud to no one and she, like her bag, dropped onto the bed. It gave slightly, under her weight, but didn’t fall apart like she expected it too. She ran her hand across the sheets and they were silky under her touch.

Just then, a sparkle of light caught her eye and she turned her head. One small shaft of light was breaking through the dark. She turned towards the window and saw the sun peaking through the clouds. Curious to the view the window provided, she stood slowly and took the two steps required to reach the window. The low end of the magnificent circle was just above her head, so she raised up to her tippy toes and grabbed the edge of the seal for balance.

She gasped loudly at the beautiful sight below. All of the City of Lights was laid bare before her. She could see the Arc de Triumph in the distance, and the sparkling crystal pyramid of the Louve. To her left stood the Eiffel Tower, tall and majestic.

She smiled. “This is what I signed up for,” she said aloud. She may have been in the tiniest room know to man, but she was in Paris, the City of Love and she was ready for her summer adventure.