I’m currently teaching poetry as my students read Romeo and Juliet. The past two days I’ve taught a fun form of poetry called “Chain Poetry.” The way I can explain it is that a writer puts 8-10 words in a straight line, draws a line in between them, and then writes a poem using those words. My kids and I have so much fun writing these poems and sometimes the poems are silly and sometimes the poems are quite deep. Anyway, my Honors class decided to challenge themselves and chose 20 words instead of 10. Impressed with the words they chose, I decided to write a poem myself. The result is below. The words my students chose are in bold. ETA: WordPress apparently doesn’t like the funky format and tries to correct it. I’m not in the mood to fight it anymore, so the structure of the poem is a bit off.

                  Life leaves my body
Cold Emotion enters
                                                  Tears dribble down the blush of my cheek
This Fairytale life, over
I Fear the unknown
My soul gone Forever                          
Imagination runs wild of emptiness
I see Shadows everywhere
As if, stuck in a Dream with no end
I am Forbidden to hope
Silence surrounds me
No Fire to warm my flesh
No Secret to survival
The small Gunshot wound bleeds deep
                   Screaming screams of silence
                       Blinking in the last bits of light
My Rebellious heart doesn’t want to leave
No advice, no Wisdom to guide me
It’s a Mysterious place I go
A place where Time stops for all