This post is dedicated to an old high school friend with whom I got to spend some quality time with this morning. She was asking me about my writing and if I blogged. I responded, “Ummm….errr…you see the thing is…” And like a good friend should, she gave me a good kick in the pants. So, here I am. Returning to my blog, making a post and deciding that if I’m truly serious about making a second career as a writer, then I need to post regularly. And I am.

This summer while I’m on vacation, I’ve decided to live the “full time writer’s life” – meaning that my job for the next 6 weeks is to just write. So far, this is my third day and I’m doing fairly well. Each morning this week I’ve woken up an hour later than my usual time, done a good workout, and then got down to the business of writing. Each day has been different and I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do.

One of the items now added to my to-do list will be to blog about something, anything, at least every other day. I don’t know exactly what the post will be about, or even the direction this blog is going to go. Most likely it will be about things I’m passionate about – writing what I know.

So, what do I know? What am I passionate about? Well, there is my full-time job which is teaching, and of course, writing. I’m an MFA student and have to write about 2 book reviews a month, so I’ll post some of those here. I’m trying to lose weight and am training for triathlons, so I’ll most likely share some of that adventure here. Lastly, I am a geek/nerd, what have you, so maybe a few nerdy pop-culture tidbits might fall from time to time. Who knows?

One thing I do know is that I’m serious about starting my writing career and keeping this blog current, sharing my thoughts, is one way to show that I mean business.

Thanks Jenn, for the good kick in the pants.