So I was going to try to update every few days and I’ve already failed. Well, not entirely. It has been one week and I have valid reasons.

On Saturday a dear friend got married and while I wasn’t in the wedding, I was doing a project for the wedding, so my Thursday, Friday and Saturday was totally devoted to her. Then, I got some weird stomach bug (or maybe food poisoning, I’m really not too sure) that literally had me curled up in a ball like a Roly Poly bug for two days. Not wanting to get completely off my workout regimen (triathlon is 2 months away!) I took a slow walk yesterday and tried to eat food that I knew would clean out the body. And it worked! Woke up this morning with minimal tummy pain! I would feel my usual awesome self if it weren’t for the allergies, but hey, at least I’m not curled up in a ball anymore.

This weekend I’m off to a writer’s retreat with some friends/classmates from Antioch in Palm Springs. We’re staying at a beautiful resort and intend to spend some time writing and some time relaxing. Oh, and some time watching the Olympics!!!

I’ll try not to be so long next time!